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Landscape fascinates me as a subject because it is not just about place or the environment. It can indeed take in everything from the pebble on the path to the horizon, trees, patterns of fields or distant hills. It can be about the elements, the weather, clouds, rain, or the fall of light. It can be about time, past, present and future. It can be about transience and change, Nature’s calendar and the seasons.  It can be about searching for a palette of colour varying through the seasons – a unique range of green indicative of a sense of place. It can also be about looking and reflecting how others before have looked at the world, translating land to landscape to art. Inevitably various strands of work have evolved over time.
Twmpa - last-of-the-snows
Copy of 1-North-Lees-80x100cm-oil-on-canvas-2018.jpg
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